Syfe Trade Referral Code: SRPS4P5YC ($20 Bonus)

Syfe Trade Referral Code

Syfe Trade Referral Code
Syfe Trade Referral Code

Syfe Trade Promotion Summary

Syfe Trade Referral CodeSRPS4P5YC
Syfe Trade Referral Link
Syfe Trade Summary“SRPS4P5YC” is the Syfe Trade referral promo code, get up to $20 bonus with your first deposit of at least $2000, Syfe Trade T&C apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Syfe referral code?

    The Syfe trade referral code is SRPS4P5YC, get $20 bonus when you deposit at least $2000 or more.

  2. How to add referral code if I have forgotten to do so earlier?

    Head to the Safe Trade app and select the hamburger icon on the top right > click on Promotions > key in “SRPS4P5YC” as the referral code.

  3. What is Syfe Trade?

    Syfe Trade is Singapore’s first neobroker where users can grow their money by investing in the US and SG markets.

    Investors can easily buy into the world’s biggest companies starting with as little as USD 1, have access to free trades, a simplified user experience, and access to real-time market data and analysis. Click here to learn more about Syfe Trade.

  4. What securities can I trade with Syfe Trade?

    You can trade over 10,000 stocks and ETFs listed in the US markets, as well as stocks, ETFs, and REITs listed in the Singapore market. Learn more here

  5. Why should I use Syfe Trade if I am already using another broker?

    Syfe Trade is a simple and secure way to buy and sell stocks. What sets Syfe Trade apart are these additional features:

    1) Free trades every month so you can grow your portfolio (applicable to US market).
    2) Fractional shares: Invest in the companies you believe in, regardless of share price (applicable to US market).
    3) Individual accounts protected up to USD 500K under SIPC protection (applicable to US market).
    4) 24/7 customer support (applicable to both US & SG markets).
    5) Free access to real-time stock quotes and analysis (applicable to US market).
    6) Secure and instant set-up with Singpass (applicable to both US & SG markets).

  6. What is Syfe Core Equity100?

    Core Equity100, Syfe’s all-equity portfolio, is a smart beta portfolio built using a multi-factor methodology. In recent years, smart beta investing has become increasingly popular.

    This product is available under Syfe Wealth, using our Syfe referral code SRPS4P5YC gets you 6 months Syfe fee waiver, Syfe T&Cs apply.

  7. Is Syfe Trade safe?

    Syfe is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and they hold a Capital Markets Services (CMS) licence for retail fund management, dealing in capital markets products, and providing custodial services.

    According to Syfe’s website: as a regulated financial institution, Syfe is subject to stringent regulations including the need to protect, safeguard and ringfence clients’ money and assets.

  8. How do I get started with Syfe Trade?

    1) Download the Syfe app and sign up for a Syfe Trade account using our Syfe referral code SRPS4P5YC to enjoy the Syfe sign up bonus of $20.

    2) Complete your KYC verification.

    3) Complete your investment knowledge assessment.

    4) Sign the necessary user acceptances.

    5) Transfer funds to your Syfe Trade buying power using PayNow, Fast, Telegraphic Transfer or other methods and start trading.

  9. Are there any other brokerage promotions recommended?

    Yes, click here to view all the latest brokerage promotions on our blog.

Syfe Trade Review

Syfe Trade Referral Code: SRPS4P5YC ($20 Bonus)

"SRPS4P5YC" is the Syfe Trade referral code, get up to $20 bonus, Syfe Trade T&C apply.

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