Tiger Brokers Referral Code: HEYTIGER ($888 Bonus)

Tiger Brokers Referral Promo Code

tiger brokers referral code
Tiger Brokers Referral Code

Tiger Brokers Promotion Summary

Tiger Brokers Referral CodeHEYTIGER
Tiger Brokers Referral LinkClick here
Tiger Brokers Referral Promotion SummaryTiger Brokers referral promo code: HEYTIGER, get up to $888 worth of fractional shares bonus free. T&C apply.

Extra bonus for Refer.sg readers using “HEYTIGER” referral code as follow: USD 20 Tesla fractional shares (Deposit min. SGD1,500 within 7 days upon first deposit).

Pro-Tip: SGD 1 test deposits will null & void this promotion, thus do not test with SGD 1 deposit!

Pro-Tip: If you are based in New Zealand, please refer to our other Tiger Brokers New Zealand Referral Code blog post instead.

Tiger Brokers December 2023 Promotion Mechanics

Register with Invite Code “HEYTIGER• Unlimited Commission-Free Trades* for HK & SG & China A Stocks for 365 days
• Unlimited Commission-Free Trades* for U.S. Stocks for 180 days (promotion period extended to 23:59 31/3/2024 for U.S. Stocks only)
Activate the auto-sweep feature on Tiger Vault30-day(trading days only) interest bonus boosted to 8%* p.a.
First Deposit ≥ SGD 300** USD 10 of Apple fractional shares (NASDAQ: AAPL)
First Deposit ≥ SGD 1,000** + 5x BUY Trades^  USD 30 of Apple fractional shares (NASDAQ: AAPL)
• 1 sure-win draw attempt (get free fractional shares valued between USD 8.8- USD 888)
Extra bonus for Refer.sg readers using “HEYTIGER” referral code as follow:USD 20 Tesla fractional shares (Deposit min. SGD1,500 within 7 days upon first deposit). *T&Cs Apply.
Tiger Brokers Welcome Gift Promotion Period16:00 22/12/2023 – 15:59 22/01/2024(SGT), Tiger Broker’s T&Cs apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the referral code for Tiger Brokers?

    Tiger Brokers referral code: HEYTIGER, get up to $888 worth of rewards. Tiger Brokers T&C apply.

    Extra bonus for Refer.sg readers using “HEYTIGER” referral code as follow: USD 20 Tesla fractional shares (Deposit min. SGD1,500 within 7 days upon first deposit).

  2. What do we like about Tiger Brokers?

    In our experience we like Tiger Brokers because of the:
    1) Fast account opening via MyInfo (<15 minutes).
    2) Free share worth up to ~SGD 888 with SGD 1,000 deposit and valid 5 new buy trades.
    3) Competitive FX spread for exchanging SGD to USD, HKD, etc.

  3. Who are Tiger Brokers?

    Founded in 2014, Tiger Brokers a.k.a Tiger Trade or Tiger Securities (legal name: UP FINTECH HOLDING) is an online broker listed on NASDAQ trading under the ticker $TIGR. Tiger Brokers allows easy access to Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia stocks via their mobile and desktop application. The company has also been termed as the next “Robinhood” of Asia, they have more than 1.1 million customers worldwide.

  4. What are the key features of Tiger Brokers?

    1) Low commission in the market: 0 commission and 0 platform fee on HK stocks*, 0 commission on US stocks and US options*
    2) Worldwide access with one account: HK Stocks, Warrants and CBBCs, US Stocks, Options and Fractional Shares, ETFs.
    3) IPOs: Offering up to 20x leverage and competitive financing rates down to ~2.88%.
    4) Connected to the trading community with millions of active users.
    5) Invest in US fractional shares with less bucks: Invest in top-performing companies with only USD 1.
    6) Free Level II market data* with more than 40 levels of the bid/ask prices that provide visibility of a stock’s liquidity, supply, and demand in real-time.
    7) With supportive 16 full extended hours of trading, feel free to trade US stocks in the daytime and feel ease to invest ahead.
    8) 24/7 online customer service.
    *Tiger Brokers T&C apply.

  5. What is Tiger Brokers Minimum Deposit?

    There is no minimum deposit for Tiger Brokers. However, do take note to get the Tiger Broker promotion of free bonus rewards (worth up to S$888) you will need to deposit a minimum of S$1,000 on your FIRST deposit and make atleast 5x eligible BUY trades which is more than USD 1 to be eligible. Subsequent deposits are not eligible for this promotion to get the Tiger Brokers bonus.

  6. What about the competitive Tiger Brokers FX spreads?

    Tiger Brokers allows in-app converting of currencies, for example from SGD to USD, the spread is approximately 20-25 pips away from the interbank rate, which is very competitive as compared to banks and other brokerages. Banks may charge between 80-120 pips from the interbank rate for USD/SGD currency pair.

  7. Is Tiger Brokers Safe and Regulated by MAS?

    Tiger Brokers MAS License

    Tiger Brokers is a Capital Markets Services License holder issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), you may refer to the MAS Financial Institution Directory for their full license info here. Full legal name: TIGER BROKERS (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Tiger Brokers and its subsidiaries are also members of the U.S. Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

  8. Are my investments safe with Tiger Brokers?

    Tiger Brokers complies with section 104 of the Securities and Futures Act (“SFA”). Clients’ funds and investments are kept by a segregated bank account and custodian to ensure it does not commingle with their own operational accounts.

    – Funds Custody: Clients’ funds are kept in DBS commercial Bank.
    – U.S. market: Shares, cleared and held by IBKR (Interactive Brokers), are ultimately held by DTC (Depository Trust Company).
      – Hong Kong market: Shares, held by IBKR (Interactive Brokers), are ultimately held by CCASS.
      – Singapore market: Shares, held by DBS custodian bank, are ultimately held by CDP. 

    Refer to: https://www.tigerbrokers.com.sg/security-n-custody for more info.

  9. Who are the investors and backers of Tiger Brokers?

    Tiger Brokers Investors

    Xiaomi Corporation and Interactive Brokers (IBKR), the largest online broker in the United States, are their shareholders. Furthermore, Interactive Brokers is also their important strategic partner who supports them in areas including legal and compliance, risk management, etc. Jim Rogers, a renowned investor on Wall Street, is also their backer.

  10. What are some of the latest Tiger Brokers features introduced?

    1) SGP accounts support DDA fund subscription–Singaporean users can use the bank card DDA to apply for funds, transactions more convenient and efficient.

    2) Basic Order newly added take-profit and stop-loss orders.

    3) Community Tab upgrades and supports customised settings.

  11. Where can I sign up?

    Tiger Brokers Invite Code

    Below outlines the steps on how to use Tiger Broker referral code: “HEYTIGER”. Tiger Broker referral benefits includes up to $888 worth of rewards.
    For the invite code, enter Tiger Brokers Invitation Code: “HEYTIGER” when prompted.
    Alternatively, you may sign up using our Tiger Brokers Invite Link (promo code auto apply): https://www.tigerbrokers.com.sg/?invite=HEYTIGER

  12. Are there any other brokerage promotions recommended?

    Yes, click here to view all the latest brokerage promotions on our blog.

Tiger Brokers Review

Disclaimer: this review is our own opinion and not to be taken or construed as an investment advice.

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