Suntec+ Referral Code: 42BD6F37 (Bonus 2000 Points)

Suntec+ Referral Code

suntec plus referral promo code
Suntec+ Referral Promo Code

Suntec+ Promotion Summary

Suntec+ Referral Code42BD6F37
Suntec+ Referral Link
Suntec+ Referral Promotion SummarySuntec+ referral promo code is 42BD6F37, receive 2000 bonus Suntec+ points when you make your first purchase with minimum $20 spend. T&C apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the referral code for Suntec+?

    42BD6F37 is the Suntec+ referral promo code, get 2000 free Suntec+ points when you sign up with our referral code on your first purchase of $20 min.

  2. What is the promo code for Suntec+?

    Suntec+ promo code is 42BD6F37.

  3. What is Suntec+ member about?

    Suntec+ is a rewards loyalty program for shoppers to accumulate Suntec+ points by scanning their shopping receipts and redeeming vouchers for Suntec+ points. The app also displays Suntec promotions.

  4. What can Suntec+ points be redeemed for?

    You can redeem the points for carpark dollars to offset your parking costs and also free items in the rewards catalogue.

  5. How to earn Suntec+ points?

    Majority, if not all, stores receipts allows you to scan to earn the Suntec rewards points. Click here for full dining categories and shopping categories list.

  6. Where can I view Suntec’s directory?

    Click here to view the directory:
    1) Dining Category
    2) Shopping Category
    3) Service Amentities Category

  7. How do I become a Suntec member?

    To become a member of Suntec, you can sign up on the Suntec+ app by filling out the membership registration form, remember to key in the Suntec+ referral promo code “42BD6F37”.

  8. Where can I download the Suntec+ app?

    You can download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Remember to key in the referral code “42BD6F37” when signing up for your account!

  9. How do I redeem my Suntec e-voucher?

    Suntec e-Vouchers can be utilised at participating merchant shops within Suntec+ Mall. You can also look out for the Suntec+ wobblers displayed at participating merchant shops.

Suntec+ Review

Suntec+ Referral Code: 42BD6F37 (Bonus 2000 Points)

"42BD6F37" is the Suntec+ referral promo code, receive 2000 bonus Suntec+ points.

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