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Sleek Referral Code

sleek referral code
Sleek Referral Code

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Sleek Referral CodeAF388648
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Sleek Referral Promotion SummaryIncorporate your company with Sleek using voucher code “AF388648” to get an exclusive SGD 100 or HKD 500 discount on Sleek services. Unlock savings with the Sleek referral code today! T&C apply.

Services offered by Sleek

Sleek provides a one-stop solution for founders who are looking to start their business, click on the following services to learn more:


Corporate Secretary


Visa Applications

Introduction to Sleek

Sleek (full legal entity name SLEEK TECH (PTE.) LTD.) serves as the comprehensive digital solution tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), offering seamless company registration, governance management, accounting and online tax compliance.

Experience the convenience of establishing your company entirely remotely, submit requests to your company secretary around the clock, open a business account, and digitally sign documents using their secure eSignature tool called “SleekSign”. Sleek’s platform is designed to alleviate the complexities of ACRA and IRAS compliance, enabling startups founders and SMEs owners to streamline their operations and eliminate the burdensome aspects of company administration.

Launched in Singapore in 2017 and later expanded to Hong Kong in 2019, Sleek was born out of frustration with the sluggish, paper-intensive nature of the incorporation and company registration processes. Their mission is to empower business owners to supercharge their enterprises, allowing them time to focus on running what they do best – their business.

Since their inception, they have successfully assisted thousands of satisfied companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK.

Sleek is an ACRA Registered Filing Agent and proud member of the Singapore Corporate Secretary Association, Sleek stands as a trusted partner in facilitating business growth.

Venture Capital Investors Backing

Sleek has garnered strategic investments from prominent entities in the business and venture capital landscape. Noteworthy investors in Sleek include EDBI, which is the corporate investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board, bringing a wealth of expertise and support in fostering innovation and economic growth.

Complementing this backing is the involvement of Jungle Ventures, a leading venture capital firm known for its focus on supporting and scaling high-growth technology companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Furthermore, White Star Capital, an international venture capital firm, has chosen to invest in Sleek Tech, underscoring the company’s global appeal and potential. These partnerships highlight the confidence and strategic alignment that key players in the investment community have in Sleek Tech’s vision and its ability to redefine and streamline business processes in the digital era.

Regulatory Compliance

Sleek has been granted a Major Payment Institution License (MPI) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which came into effect on July 1, 2022. You may verify this information on MAS Financial Instittuions Directory. This significant milestone empowers Sleek to further enhance its Sleek Business Account suite of services, extending the scope of offerings to an even broader spectrum of SME clients. With the MPI license, Sleek can now provide cross-border transfer services, facilitate account issuance, and engage in e-money issuance, thereby deepening its support for SMEs.

Being granted the MPI license by our financial regulator is a testament to the trust our customers, investors, and partners have placed in our financial security standards and compliance levels. We intend to make good use of the license and continue supporting the underserved market segment of early-stage entrepreneurs with simple and fully digital fintech services, whilst growing our overseas markets from our base in Singapore.”

Julien Labruyere, CEO and Co-founder at Sleek

Why Incorporate with Sleek?

Register from anywhere

No need to fly to Hong Kong or Singapore. Stay home and register your company through the Sleek platform.

Digital & automated processes

Their in-house platform along with automated and streamlined process to help manage your company with ease.

Transparent pricing

Sleek care for you and they promise to never sting you with hidden fees. It’s one cost to get you up and running.

Easy to use

No more dog-eared documents. Store all your most essential things on the cloud and access it from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Sleek voucher code?

    Sleek voucher code is AF388648, get S$100 or HK$500 off when you sign up with our referral code.

  2. What is the promo code for Sleek Singapore?

    “AF388648” is the promo code for Sleek Singapore, take S$100 or HK$500 discount. T&C apply.

  3. What is

    Sleek is the SMEs’ all-in-one digital platform, helping you to register your company, and manage your governance, accounting and tax compliance online.

  4. How to apply the Sleek voucher code?

    Add Sleek Voucher Code at Cart Summary

    At the cart summary page, click the “Add Voucher Code” button and input “AF388648”.

  5. How are the incorporation packages like?

    For locals in Singapore, the package starts from S$650.
    For foreigners looking to incorporate in Singapore, the package starts from
    S$2,450 (limited time offer).
    For Hong Kong incorporation, the package stats from HK$5,299.

    Learn more at: (Singapore) or (Hong Kong)

  6. Reasons for incorporating in Singapore or Hong Kong?

    Singapore and Hong Kong are both English-speaking countries with low tax rates, excellent banking/financial and judicial systems. These characteristics make them both attractive as gateway for global entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses.

    Because of their similarities, the two cities have long have a friendly competition to become the ideal location for companies looking to establish themselves in Asia.

  7. Why incorporate in Singapore?

    1) Ranked #2 in the world to do business
    2) Corporate tax capped at 17%
    3) Many startup incentives and exemption for first 3 years

  8. Why incorporate in Hong Kong?

    1) Ranked #3 in the world to do business
    2) Corporate tax capped at 16.5%
    3) Many startup incentives and exemption
    4) Offshore tax exemption scheme available

  9. What are the requirements to incorporate a company in Singapore?

    1) A local resident director
    2) A local resident company secretary
    3) At least one shareholder
    4) At least SG$1 capital
    4) An address in Singapore

  10. What are the requirements to incorporate a company in Hong Kong?

    1) A local resident company secretary
    2) At least one shareholder
    3) At least HK$1 capital
    4) An address in Hong Kong

  11. How do I use a Sleek referral promo code?

    Using a Sleek referral promo code is simple, at the Sleek checkout cart summary page, click the “Add Voucher Code” button and input “AF388648” to enjoy S$100 or HK$500 off.

  12. What is the referral code for Sleek Singapore?

    Sleek Singapore referral code is AF388648, get S$100 off when you sign up using our code.

  13. What is the referral code for Sleek Hong Kong?

    Sleek Hong Kong referral code is AF388648, get HK$500 off when you sign up using our code.

  14. Does Sleek provide nominee director Singapore services?

    Yes, Sleek provides nominee director services.

    As you may be aware, Singapore ACRA requires a local resident director, it is possible to hire a nominee director to fufil the ACRA incorporation requirement.

  15. What is SleekSign?

    SleekSign is a free digital, legally-binding signature-based platform that allows you to electronically sign documents digitally instead of manually.

  16. Are there any other corporate secretarial services promotions recommended?

    Yes, click here to view all the latest corporate service providers promotions on our blog.

Sleek Conclusion

Sleek Referral Code: AF388648 ($100 Bonus Discount)

Incorporate your company with Sleek using sleek referral promo code "AF388648" for an exclusive SGD 100 or HKD 500 discount.

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