Senoko Referral Code: R1XHJMVD ($20 Bonus)

Senoko Referral Promo Code

Senoko Referral Code
Senoko Referral Code

Senoko Promotion Summary

Senoko Referral CodeR1XHJMVD
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Senoko Referral Promotion SummaryUse the Senoko referral code: R1XHJMVD, get additional $20 bill rebates on top of any other on-going Senoko Energy promotions. T&C apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a Senoko Energy referral code?

    The Senoko Energy referral code is “R1XHJMVD” to get a $20 referral bill rebate on your electricity bill when you sign up with Senoko Energy! Tip: You can stack a promo code together with the referral code to maximise your sign-up benefits.

  2. What is the eligible rebate for Senoko Energy referral code?

    The eligible rebate for Senoko Energy referral code as of May 2024 is $20.

  3. Can I stack Senoko Energy promotion with the referral rebate?

    Yes! you can stack Senoko Energy promotion with our referral code. In our experience, you will be able to stack Senoko Energy’s on-going promotions with Senoko power referral code rebates.

  4. How do I apply for Senoko Energy?

    To apply Senoko Energy, you may apply directly via Senoko Energy’s website at

  5. When will the Senoko referral rebate be credited?

    The Senoko referral rebate will be credited into your account within 7 working days of the indicated start date.

  6. How do I compare the available electricity plans in Singapore?

    Easy! To compare the available electricity plans in Singapore simply head to for a transparent view of all the available plans in Singapore and you’ll be able to compare between plans and select the best electricity market retailer.

  7. Where can I view all of Senoko latest household promotions?

    You may click to view the latest Senoko household promotions. Remember to apply the Senoko referral code “R1XHJMVD”.

  8. What is SRLP meter?

    The Static Residential Load Profile (“SRLP”) is a standard profile assigned to households, as they tend to have similar usage patterns, and vary only in the usage volume.

  9. How to switch to Senoko Energy

    To switch to Senoko Energy, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Senoko Energy website.
    2. Look for the “Switch to Senoko” or “Sign Up” button, remember to input the Senoko referral code “R1XHJMVD”.
    4. Provide the necessary information, such as your personal details and current electricity plan.
    5. Review the available electricity plans offered by Senoko Energy.
    6. Select the plan that best suits your needs.
    7. Submit your application and wait for confirmation from Senoko Energy.
    8. Once your application is approved, Senoko Energy will guide you through the remaining process, which may include providing meter readings or arranging for a switch of your electricity supply.

  10. Why choose Senoko Energy?

    As a trusted electricity retailer, Senoko Energy aims to deliver the promise of quick and friendly customer service, greater value on their services and better savings with their Senoko Smart Rewards.

  11. Is there other electric retailer that is recommended?

    Yes, Keppel Electric is also one of the preferred electric retailer in Singapore.

  12. What is the latest Senoko Energy referral promotion?

    The latest Senoko Energy referral promotion offers a $20 bill rebate for both the referrer and the referee when the referee successfully signs up for a new electricity plan with Senoko Energy using the referrer’s unique referral code “R1XHJMVD”.

  13. How to I get in touch with Senoko energy customer service?

    To get in touch with Senoko energy customer service:

    Local: 1800 688 8888.
    Overseas: +65 6750 0333.

  14. Live Smarter with Senoko #SmartRewards Programme

    As a Senoko Energy customer, you get to enjoy a suite of privileges, discounts and offers from their partners who share Senoko’s belief in providing greater value. Visit Senoko Smart Rewards to learn more!

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Senoko Referral Code: R1XHJMVD ($20 Bonus)

R1XHJMVD is the Senoko Energy referral promo code, earn a $20 referral rebate on your electricity bill.

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