Propella Referral Promo Code 2024 (Additional 5% off)

propella referral promo code
Propella Referral Promo Code

Propella Promotion Summary

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Propella Referral Promotion SummaryPropella referral promo code: here, get additional 5% off on top of Propella 20% beta promotion. T&C apply.

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propella referral code
Propella Referral Promo QR Code

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Propella referral promo?

    Get additional 5% off on top of the 20% beta pricing using our Propella referral promo link, Propella T&C apply.

  2. What is Propella?

    Propella is an online question bank for the Singapore Real Estate Salesperson (RES) exam. Study the smart way and gain confidence with their unique collection of 2000+ questions. Currently they are running a beta promotion of 20%, get additional 5% off using our referral link.

  3. How to pass RES exam?

    In my personal experience, I passed the RES exam on two attempts. Apart from using Mdm Celeste’s books, Propella played a huge role as I was able to practise on the go and using the computer, I could use the hotkeys to quickly attemtp the question sets.

    On first attempt, I passed RES paper 2. On second attempt I passed RES paper 1.

    My stategy to pass RES exam was to focus a little more on either of the paper. So that on my second attempt I only needed to focus on the other paper.

  4. What is your experience using Propella?

    Personally I have used Propella and my experience is great so far! I can practise questions when travelling on public transport, waiting for my spouse or kids, or whenever there I have spare free time. I personally recommend to retry until you are at least 18/20 correct for each chapter for your revision.

    It is one of the best and most convenient platforms to practise on, best feature they have is the mock exams with timer. You can use that to gauge your performance before your exams.

    It is one of the best investment to help you save time and potentially increase your passing rate! The 12 months subscription is a good idea because you can transfer your unutilised access after 3 months.

  5. How does Propella stack up with their competitors?

    propella versus competitors

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  6. Can you pass using Propella?

    The short answer is yes, but may not be sufficient if you solely just rely on Propella. I will say Propella gives you good foundation re-cap very quickly, hence it is good after you have finished revising your RES course notes first before attempting Propella.

    In order to pass RES, you will need strong foundation + external reading of the respective government website + practice other mock papers such as Celeste Ng’s books. For example: the March 2023 RES paper 1 tested a lot on application of covenants, easements and also contract law (e.g. whether a promise after a consideration is binding?). For paper 2 you can still memorise but for paper 1, you can’t as CEA tests on your application of the concepts – which Propella is limited on that aspect.

  7. Is there a free trial on Propella?

    Yes! You can try for free before committing to the purchase. Remember to use our Propella referral link to enjoy the additional 5% discount!

  8. Can you transfer Propella account?

    At the moment it is allowed for the 12 and 24-month subscriptions, they are transferable after 3 months. Use what you need, sell when you are done. You can transfer your subscription to another email address if you have spare utilisation subscription time in your account.

  9. What is a cool feature of Propella?

    With a laptop, you can practise even faster with hotkeys on a keyboard! Use [1],[2],[3],[4]to select an option and [Enter] to submit easily.

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Propella Referral Promo Code 2024 (Additional 5% off)

Get additional 5% off on top of the 20% beta promotion using our Propella referral promo code link. Propella T&C apply.

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