Fave Referral Promo Code: FAVEERIC3639 ($1 Off)

Fave Referral Code

fave referral code
Fave Referral Code

Fave Promotion Summary

Fave Referral CodeFAVEERIC3639
Fave Referral LinkClick here
Fave Referral Promotion Summary“FAVEERIC3639” is the Fave promo referral code, get $1 discount. T&C apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Fave referral code?

    The Fave referral code is FAVEERIC3639, get $1 discount. T&C apply.

  2. What are the Terms & Conditions of this Fave referral promo?

    The S$1 referral promo discount can be used for one time only. If the value of your purchase exceeds the discount amount, the difference should be paid by you. If it is less than the discount amount, the difference will not be compensated. Cancelling your first purchase will void you from enjoying this discount again.

  3. What is Fave?

    Fave brings you discounted offers on awesome things to eat, do, see and experience in your city. Currently Fave offers Fave deals and FavePay. With Fave deals, You can browse through hundreds of deals with low prices every day and save up to 80% at your favourite restaurants, cafes, spas, salons, gyms and more.

  4. What is FavePay?

    FavePay is the quick, easy way to pay with your smartphone at your favourite restaurants and cafés Fave QR code and get up to 30% instant cashback on the Fave payment.

    Some Fave partners have eCards too, where you can purchase partner cashback that comes with a bonus value to get more bang for your buck! You can then use the partner cashback to offset your FavePayment(s) at the relevant partner’s outlet when you visit them.

  5. Where can I download Fave?

    You can download the app via this Fave download link.

Fave Review

Fave Referral Promo Code: FAVEERIC3639 ($1 Off)

“FAVEERIC3639” is the Fave referral promo code, get $1 discount. T&C apply.

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