Anywheel Referral Promo Code: 6FM8D9Z (FREE $2 Bonus)

Anywheel Referral Promo Code

anywheel referral promo code
Anywheel Referral Promo Code

Anywheel Promotion Summary

Anywheel Referral Code6FM8D9Z
Anywheel Referral LinkClick here
Anywheel Referral Promotion SummaryAnywheel referral promo code: 6FM8D9Z, get a $2 bonus voucher free. T&C apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Anywheel referral code?

    Anywheel referral code is “6FM8D9Z”, get a $2 bonus voucher free for new users. T&C apply.

  2. How to use Anywheel services?

    Step 1: Download the Anywheel app on the App Store or Google Play.
    Step 2: Sign up an account using the Anywheel referral code “6FM8D9Z”.
    Step 3: Top up your Anywheel credits (minimum top-up S$10.00).
    Step 4: Search for the nearest Anywheel device on the Anywheel app.
    Step 5: Scan the QR code on the device to unlock it.
    Step 6: Enjoy your ride & ride safely.
    Step 7: Locate your nearest designated parking area (’P’ icon) on the Anywheel app.
    Step 8: End your trip by parking at the designated parking area and manually locking the device.
    Step 9: Verify your parking by scanning the QR code found at the designated parking area.

  3. What are the Anywheel charges like?

    Anywheel rates are S$1.00 per 30 minute block. 
    You will be charged an additional S$1.00 once your ride duration exceeds each 30 minute block.
    • 14 minute ride duration = S$1.00
    • 34 minute ride duration = S$2.00
    • 100 minute ride duration = S$4.00

  4. What is the rate of Anywheel Family Bike?

    Anywheel’s family bike rates are $4.00 per 30 minutes block.

  5. What is a Family Bike?

    Bicycles that come with a built-in child seat suitable for kids up to 25kg.

  6. Is Anywheel Family Bike Safe?

    According to Anywheel’s websire, their bikes are designed with a safety belt and protection footrest meant to keep your child secured. A handlebar-mounted phone holder with adjustable clamp is also included so you can focus on your cycling adventure with your little one.

    Anywheel advise you to never leave your child unattended and to ensure that the safety belt is securely fastened before cycling.

  7. Where can I find Anywheel Family Bikes?

    You can find Family Bikes by spotting a Child Icon in Purple in their Anywheel Family Bike Zones located around:

    1) Marina Bay – East Coast Park
    2) Sentosa
    3) Orchard
    4) Punggol PCN
    5) Jurong Lake Garden
    6) Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

  8. How old does my child have to be to seat on Anywheel Family Bike?

    Per Anywheel’s website: as a general rule, the recommended age for a child to sit on the mounted child seat is one year old and above. Anywheel bikes are designed with a 25 kg (55.1 lbs) weight capacity.

  9. What is Family Bike Zone?

    Family Bike Zone is the designated area of parking for Anywheel’s family bikes. This is to ensure that the family bikes circulate within the intended area of use. After scanning the QR code on the family bike, the Family Bike Zone will be made visible through a purple geofence.

  10. Can I park outside Family Bike Zone?

    Please note that Family Bikes MUST be parked at Anywheel’s Family Bike designated parking stations only. Parking outside non-designated stations will incur a $20 relocation fee.

  11. Why AnyWheel is a good option to get around?

    Bike sharing is a good idea to reduce carbon and it also allows you to exercise. I normally bike at least once a week and having bike sharing app means I do not need to worry about maintenance and I can easily find 1 using the HelloRide app.

  12. What are some other bike sharing alternatives?

    The other bike sharing alternative would be HelloRide, which we have a HelloRide referral code to share as well.

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