7 Simple Passive Income Ideas

Learn how to make extra income in 2022 with these 7 simple passive income ideas!

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best ways to make money and one of my favourite passive income stream. A simple place to start is to choose your niche and start writing relevant posts / articles of that niche.

Once you have gained traction, you may start to reach out to brands to partner-up and you will get a small commission if your readers convert. The hardest is always to take the first step – word of advice is this will take some time before gaining traction and it is not an overnight thing!

2. Sharing Unused Data

Honeygain is a crowdsourcing app that allows you to make money by downloading it on your device and sharing your spare internet data.

The app is great for individuals who have an unlimited data plan but do not utilise it completely. When you let Honeygain operate in the background, your unused traffic can earn you some passive revenue. To put your mind at ease, Honeygain’s website states that it only sells your visitors to reputable partners such as data scientists and Fortune 500 organisations.

3. Renting Out Your Lock Screen

Believe it or not, there are companies that will pay you to rent your mobile phone’s lock screen to them. People check their phones multiple times a day, and advertising firms are seeking for new ways to reach out to customers. As a response, a slew of applications have sprung up to help people earn money by renting out their lock screen to ads.

This is a low-effort, low-reward activity that will let you make a few additional bucks every month, which may help cover some of your mobile phone bill.

4. Get Paid While Surfing The Web

Brave is a decentralized web browser that is free, open source, and built on the Ethereum blockchain. Brave is much more than a browser. It includes an ad and tracker blocker, so it automatically stops advertisements, website tracking, malware, phishing, plugins, and any other undesirable stuff.

Brave offers a reward system that incentivises users and content creators through its Basic Attention Token (BAT). You may connect your Gemini wallet with Brave and you will be able to receive the BAT payout every month.

5. Writing Content

Publish0x is an agnostic publishing platform, similar to Medium, in which both the authors and the readers benefit. Reading or writing articles can earn you cryptocurrencies.

Alternatively, Buy Me a Coffee allows authors to gain friendly support from their audience. As a content creator myself, I feel this is a very simple approach to communicate with your audience in a creative way.

6. Sharing Referral Codes

Whether you area blogger, an early adopter, or simply a helpful friend, Invitation.Codes is a free tool for consolidating all your referral codes. It’s platform allows users to add new referral codes to their profiles and making it easy to access and share them.

7. Putting Ads on Your Car

Do you know commercial ads can be placed on your car in the same way that they are on taxis and buses? If you drive frequently, it makes sense for a company to wrap its brand on your car to garner eyeball attention!

So, if you don’t mind driving about with an ad on your car, you might easily earn some money monthly to offset your petrol costs.

Disclaimer: some external links in this post contains affiliate links.

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