OKEX Referral Code: “9069371” (US$30 Bonus)

okex referral code

OKEX Referral Code:

OKEX Promotion Summary:

  • OKEX Referral Code: 9069371
  • OKEX Referral Link: okex.com/join/9069371
  • Summary: Receive US$30 bonus using our referral code. OKEX’s T&Cs apply.
  • Note: OKEx products aren’t available in Singapore due to local laws and regulations. If you live outside of Singapore, you should be eligible to apply.

About OKEX:

OKEX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange that makes buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies relatively straightforward. Kindly note that residents of the United States are currently unable to use OKEX. Instead, residents in the United States may utilise OKCoin which is an affiliate exchange, however OKCoin has fewer coins and features.

OKEX also provides a variety of services, including flexible borrowing choices and opportunities to earn interest on staked tokens. OKEX have both simple and advanced trading tools as well as an on-ramp into proof-of-work crypto mining and DeFi liquidity mining.

OKEX referral code