Lendlease Plus Referral Code: BvcU8e ($10 Bonus)

Lendlease Plus Referral Promo Code

lendlease plus referral promo code
Lendlease Plus Referral Promo Code

Lendlease Plus Promotion Summary

Lendlease Plus Referral CodeBvcU8e
Lendlease Plus Referral Promotion SummaryLendlease Plus referral promo code: BvcU8e, get up to $10 evouchers free. Limited redemptions, T&C apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the referral code for Lendlease Plus?

    Lendlease Plus referral promo code is BvcU8e, get free $5 evoucher free when you sign up with our referral code under the Lendlease Plus referral campaign. Get another $5 evoucher when you successfully submit an eligible receipt (min $50 spend). Limited redemptions, T&C apply.

  2. What is Lendlease Plus?

    Lendlease Plus is a shoppers’ rewards program that allows you to earn Lendlease Plus$ at all malls of Lendlease Retail Pte Ltd listed below. When shoppers scan their QR code receipts or upload images of their receipts via the app/concierge at participating stores, Lendlease Plus$ will be issued and stored in the e-wallet.

    These Lendlease Plus$ can subsequently be exchanged for physical/electronic vouchers and/or carpark dollars.

  3. How do I sign up as a Lendlease Plus member?

    You can visit the Concierge desk of any participating Lendlease malls to sign up as a member or visit our website at lendleaseplus.com to do so. Remember to use our referral code “BvcU8e” to sign up and get the $5 credit free.

    Lendlease Plus is also available in the form of a mobile application (app), which you can download from the App Store (for iOS mobile devices) or Google Play Store (for Android mobile devices).

  4. What is the minimum receipt for Lendlease?

    A minimum of $10 per receipt is required to earn Lendlease Plus$.

    $1 spent = 10 Lendlease Plus$ or 2 Lendlease Plus$ (for Supermarket purchase).

  5. How do I use Lendlease Park Plus?

    Redeem your Lendlease Plus$ to Lendlease Park Plus$ in the Lendlease Plus app, a few minutes before leaving the mall. The redeemed carpark fee will be deducted upon exit; there is no need to remove your cash card unless you have a complimentary carpark coupon.

  6. How do I get a Lendlease voucher?

    Shoppers can purchase or redeem paper Lendlease vouchers via the Concierge Desks at all Lendlease managed malls and E-Voucher via the Lendlease Plus mobile app. 

    Lendlease vouchers are available for sale in S$10 and S$50 denominations in Singapore currency, and are valid for 12 months from date of issuance unless otherwise stated. Only cash and NETS are accepted at our Concierge Desks. $5 denomination vouchers are strictly for redemption only.
    Lendlease vouchers are accepted at all participating stores. Click here to view the list of Lendlease malls. 

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Lendlease Plus Referral Code: BvcU8e ($10 Bonus)

"BvcU8e" is the Lendlease Plus Referral Promo Code, get up to $10 voucher free. T&Cs apply.

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