How To Check Home Value For Free (2024)

Ever wondered “how much is my house worth?”, in this post we outline the step-by-step guide on how to check your home value online. Join more than 300,000 savvy home owners who know their home value today!

Total Time: 1 minute

  1. Head to SRX X-Value Property:

    online home value

    Start by heading to SRX X-Value Property or you can click on this link:

  2. Register for a free SRX account.

    You will be prompted to register for a free SRX account, which can be signed up fairly quickly.

  3. Enter your address or postal and SRX’s home valuation tool will display your full address. Click on your address and input the correct unit number and press “Get Size”.

    online home value part 2

    Ensure the size (in sqft) is correct. If you do not know the size of your HDB, you may find out by logging onto your HDB page under “My Flat Information”. Alternatively, you may also call into the HDB branch office to enquire.

    Alternatively, if you own a private/HDB property, you can also head to: SLA’s website and log in via SingPass to obtain this information:

  4. Your home valuation result

    online home value part 3

    Disclaimer: X-Value is provided for general reference and does not constitute a valuation by a licensed appraiser. StreetSine Singapore Pte Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever arising from any use of or reliance on the X-Value. Use of X-Value is subject to SRX’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


  • Postal Code
  • Unit Number
  • Size of Your House (sqft)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is SRX X-Value™?

    X-Value™ automated valuation serves as a guide for general reference. If you require a certified appraisal for any property sale, purchase, mortgage, accounting, internal transfer, etc., please order a full inspection and valuation report.

  2. How to check property value in Singapore?

    Checking your property value is simple, follow our above step-by-step guide to obtain a free online property valuation to check value of the home.

  3. How do you calculate HDB valuation?

    As HDB uses their own methodology to determine a HDB home value, the SRX X-Value tool is a great way to allow home owners to have an idea of their home value.

  4. How do you calculate the annual value of a house?

    IRAS uses the annual market rent of comparable properties to determine the AV instead of transacted sale prices because: There are generally more rental transactions than sales transactions. A higher number of transactions gives a more accurate picture of market activity.

    The ‘Check Annual Value of Property’ digital service is an online service that you may use to search the annual value and the name(s) of owner(s) of a property. You can find out the annual value of the current year and up to past five years.

    The owner of a property can find the current AV of his properties at no cost by logging into The owner does not need to use the Check Annual Value of Property service to find out the AV of his own properties.

  5. How do I get a valuation report?

    For a valuation report, you may request through an valuation company that have professional appraisals.

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