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Hodlnaut’s T&Cs apply. 

What we like about Hodlnaut:

  • Best experience we had with a crypto platform so far!
  • 1 free withdrawal per month.
  • Get US$30 equivalent bonus when you invite a friend.
  • Hodlnaut’s digital assets held in custody are audited by independent auditor.

Hodlnaut Review:

What is Hodlnaut?

Hodlnaut is a Singapore-based fintech company that provides financial services to individual investors and crypto enthusiasts. Hodlnaut started back in 2019 and quickly became one of the most promising crypto lending platforms in Asia according to online sources. Currently, Hodlnaut has over 10,000 users and they are said to manage over USD 500 million in crypto assets.

Hodlnaut is a combination of HODL and Astronaut! “HODL” is a term derived from a misspelling of “hold” that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies where it depicts an act of holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it.

Who is Hodlnaut?

According to Hodlnaut’s website, Hodlnaut Pte. Ltd. is ruled under Singapore Law, which introduced the Payment Services Act on the 28th of January 2020, which covers cryptocurrencies classified as “digital payment tokens.” Their token swap service offered by Hodlnaut Pte. Ltd. is the only regulated activity under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Payment Services Act.

How is Hodlnaut able to pay interest on cryptocurrencies?

Hodlnaut’s platform earns interest on their cryptocurrencies by lending them to vetted corporate borrowers. Hodlnaut is able to pay interest on cryptocurrencies to individual investors by lending them to vetted institutions. Holdnaut is a certified Fintech by the Singapore Fintech Association from our research.

When are the interest paid?

Hodlnaut pays out interest weekly to your wallet every Monday 5 PM (+8 GMT Singapore Time). There are no lock-in periods or minimum deposits, users can deposit and withdraw their assets anytime.

How do I fund/deposit crypto assets into my Hodlnaut account?

There are many crypto exchanges where you can deposit your digital assets to Hodlnaut. Either Crypto.com (click here to read our Crypto.com review) or Gemini (click here to read out Gemini review). I primarily use Gemini to purchase cryptocurrencies as first 10 withdrawals per month are free hence there are no fees when you transfer over to Hodlnaut. Gemini also offers free direct deposits for SGD from a Singapore bank account. Read our Germini review and to sign up using our Gemini referral link for bonus USD 10 BTC when you trade USD 100 worth of cryptocurrency. Tap below story to learn how to purchase BTC and withdraw to your Hodlnaut wallet:

Where can I sign up?

Hodlnaut sign up is fast and simple. Receive a signup bonus of US$30 when you sign up with our Hodlnaut referral link and deposit minimum US$1,000 of supported crypto assets respectively.

What to note?

It is worth nothing that Hodlnaut’s website, Hodlnaut has applied for the Major Payment Institution license under the Payment Services Act and is currently in the process of obtaining its license. At present, Hodlnaut has been granted an exemption from holding a licence under the Payment Services Act and therefore is able to continue offering its products and services to users. While APY rates are attractive, users need to be aware that it is not regulated by Money Authority of Singapore (MAS) yet. Users should consider to invest what they can afford to lose.

Hodlnaut Summary

As the saying goes “not your not keys, not your cryptos“, however we still love Hodlnaut simply because:

  1. Sign up process was seamless and their app user interface is easy to use.
  2. Hodlnaut’s digital assets held in custody are audited by independent auditor Crowe Singapore: https://www.hodlnaut.com/press/second-independent-verification-234m-crypto-assets-crowe-singapore.
  3. As a working parent, I do not have much time to monitor and trade. I have since switched my strategy to HODL-ing and earn interest with a limit my crypto exposure to about 10% of my entire portfolio.
  4. Looking at the pending interest payout meter jumping got me hooked!
  5. Not financial advise, always do your own research!

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